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                        ABOUT US

                        Variety is the most authoritative and trusted source of entertainment business news, reaching an audience of affluent influencers. For 113 years, influential producers, executives and talent in entertainment have turned to Variety for expert film, TV, digital, music, and theater business analysis and insights.

                        In addition to the weekly magazine and website, the venerable brand has a brand marketing arm, Variety Content Studio, that produces premium custom content as well as a thriving editorial features division. With over 4 million social followers, four podcast series, a two-time Emmy winning television series (Actors on Actors), 70 events and summits, most notably Variety’s Power of Women, Variety remains the vital read in global entertainment.

                        Variety…read, watch, listen, share.

                        Claudia Eller, Editor-In-Chief
                        Andrew Wallenstein, Co-Editor-In-Chief


                        Lesley McKenzie, Managing Editor
                        Cynthia Littleton,
                        Business Editor
                        Steven Gaydos, Executive Vice President, Content, & Executive Editor
                        Daniel Holloway, Executive Editor, TV
                        Brent Lang, Executive Editor, Film & Media
                        Shirley Halperin, Executive Editor,?Music
                        Ramin Setoodeh, New York Bureau Chief
                        Kate Aurthur, Editor-at-Large
                        Henry Chu,?International Editor

                        Jem Aswad, Senior Music Editor
                        Andrew Barker
                        , Senior Features Writer
                        Peter Caranicas, Managing Editor, Features
                        Gordon Cox
                        , Legit Editor
                        Mark David
                        , Real Estate Editor
                        Matt Donnelly, Senior Film Writer
                        Shalini Dore, Features News Editor
                        Bill Edelstein
                        , Associate Editor
                        Terry Flores
                        , Senior Editor
                        Diane Garrett, Editor, Features
                        Tim Gray
                        , Senior Vice President
                        Carole Horst, Managing Editor, Features
                        Angelique Jackson,?Events & Lifestyle Producer
                        Justin Kroll
                        , Writer
                        Elaine Low,?Senior TV Writer
                        Gene Maddaus, Senior Media Writer
                        Marc Malkin
                        , Senior Film Awards, Events & Lifestyle Editor
                        James McClain,?Editor-at-Large, Real Estate
                        Dave McNary
                        , Film Writer
                        Mackenzie Nichols,?Staff Writer
                        Joe Otterson, TV Writer
                        Jenelle Riley
                        , Deputy Awards & Features Editor
                        Janko Roettgers
                        , Senior Silicon Valley Correspondent
                        Pat Saperstein
                        , Deputy Editor
                        Malina Saval
                        , Editor, Features
                        Michael Schneider,?Senior Editor, TV Awards
                        Todd Spangler, New York Digital Editor
                        Brian Steinberg, Senior TV Editor
                        Sylvia Tan
                        , Associate Editor
                        Jazz Tangcay, Artisans Editor
                        William Thorne, TV Writer
                        Danielle Turchiano, Senior Features Editor, TV
                        Adam Vary, Senior Entertainment Writer
                        Elizabeth Wagmeister, Senior Correspondent
                        Chris Willman, Editor, Features


                        Stuart Oldham, Editor, www.hongpian56.icu
                        Meredith Woerner, Deputy Editor, www.hongpian56.icu
                        Daniel Doperalski, Digital Art Director
                        Maane Khatchatourian, Senior Online News Editor
                        Alex Stedman, Senior Online News Editor
                        Rebecca Rubin, News Editor
                        Meg Zukin,
                        Social Media Editor
                        Erin Nyren
                        , Associate News Editor
                        Audrey Yap, News Anchor/Reporter
                        Preston Northrop, Supervising Producer
                        Nicholas Stango, Video Producer
                        Tucker Morrison, Video Producer/Editor
                        Jordan Moreau, Junior Content Specialist


                        Peter Debruge, Chief Film Critic
                        Owen Gleiberman,?Chief Film Critic
                        Daniel D’Addario, Chief TV Critic
                        Caroline Framke, Chief TV Critic


                        Leo Barraclough, London
                        John Hopewell, Madrid

                        INTERNATIONAL REPORTERS

                        Stewart Clarke, London
                        Rebecca Davis, Beijing
                        Patrick Frater, Hong Kong
                        Elsa Keslassy, Paris


                        Robert Festino, Creative Director
                        Jennifer Dorn
                        , Photo Director
                        Ted Keller, Design Director
                        Elliot Stokes, Art Director
                        James Slocum, Special Projects Art Director
                        Haley Kluge, Senior Designer
                        Richard Maltz, Senior Photo Editor
                        Alex Gitman, Photo Editor
                        Tarryn Silver, Production Designer
                        Michael Buckner, Chief Photographer


                        Michelle Sobrino-Stearns, Group Publisher & Chief Revenue Officer

                        NORTH AMERICAN SALES

                        Donna Pennestri, Associate Publisher
                        Millie Chiavelli, Senior VP Sales & Global Partnerships
                        Dawn Allen
                        , VP of Film & Talent
                        Michelle Fine-Smith, VP, Global Consumer Partnerships
                        Jason Greenblatt, VP Digital Sales
                        Drew Miles, VP, Global Brand Partnerships, Variety Content Studios
                        Lindsey Elfenbein, Senior Director Summits & Strategic Partnerships
                        Valerie Fatehi, Director, Strategic Partnerships
                        Amy Jo Lagermeier, Director, Strategic Partnerships
                        Cristina Quitania, Manager of Summits & Strategic Partnerships
                        Kevin Tague, Manager, Consumer Brand Partnerships
                        Kimberly Cervantes, Sales Planning Manager
                        Sean Soper, Strategic Partnerships Coordinator
                        Henry Deas, Director of Markets & Festivals
                        Patrice Atiee, Director of Strategic Partnerships
                        Amanda Schulze, Media Planner
                        Isabella Dalena, Sales & Marketing Coordinator
                        Christie Ricci, Business Development Director
                        Judi Pulver, Director, Music Advertising
                        Joseph Meehan, Senior Manager,?Business Development
                        Sadi Kuperman, Sales Coordinator, Film & Television


                        Eric Legendre, Co-Managing Director
                        Celine Rotterman, Co-Managing Director
                        Soumaya Cassam-Chenai, International Sales & Marketing Manager
                        Stefan Nicoll, Account Manager (Spain, Portugal, Latin America)
                        William Lin, Sales Executive, Asia


                        Dea Lawrence, Chief Marketing Officer
                        John Ross, Managing Director, Features and Events
                        Tim Boyer, Creative Director
                        Susanne Ault, Director of Programming
                        Robyn Ozaki, Designer
                        Casey Kwan,?Junior Designer
                        Luana Pinto, Junior Designer
                        Eva Wong, Executive Producer, Video
                        David S. Cohen, Senior Producer, Variety Content Studio
                        Holly Dillon
                        , Senior Producer, Variety Content Studio
                        Dayna Wolpa, Director, Event Marketing
                        Jamie Aronson, Senior?Manager, Event Marketing
                        Alex Bullard, Associate Manager, Features
                        Victoria Lennox
                        , Media Partnerships Associate
                        Whitney Cinkala, Marketing Development Specialist
                        Lauryn Kistner, Content Marketing Manager
                        Natasha Millman, Associate Manager,?Event Marketing
                        Emma Schmidt, Manager, Event Marketing
                        Greg Kichaven, Features Coordinator

                        PRODUCTION AND CIRCULATION

                        Natalie Longman, Production Director
                        Mike Petre, Director, Distribution
                        Ellen Dealy, VP, Audience Marketing
                        Andrea Wynnyk, Production Manager and Graphic Designer


                        Mark Hoebich, President
                        Carolyn Finger, SVP
                        Geoff Elsner, Executive Director, Business Development
                        Brian DePasquale, Director, Research
                        Christine Morente, Director, Film Research
                        Jennifer Nieves, Director,?Business Development
                        Chris Svehla, Director, TV Research
                        Sarah Brennan, Manager, Sales
                        Jimmy Doyle, Manager, Business Development
                        Stephanie Diehl
                        , Senior Coordinator, TV Research
                        Ryan Pigg, Senior Coordinator, Research
                        Julie Sesnovich,
                        ?Senior Coordinator, Film Research
                        Keelan Brown, International TV?Coordinator
                        Yoomi Choi, International Research Coordinator, Asia
                        Marina Delgado, Sales & Marketing Coordinator
                        Schuyler Fastenau,TV ?Research Coordinator
                        Bathilde Odolant, Film ?Research Coordinator
                        Hanna Pachman
                        ,?Film Production Coordinator
                        Aubree Schaefer, TV Production Research Coordinator
                        Lindsay Strach, Research Coordinator
                        Chelsea Tam, Sales Coordinator
                        Bailey Wildman
                        , TV Research Coordinator


                        Sheila Dixon Howard, Editorial Coordinator

                        Variety is owned & published by Penske Media Corporation

                        Jay Penske, Chairman & CEO

                        George Grobar, Chief Operating Officer
                        Gerry Byrne
                        , Vice Chairman
                        Sarlina See, Chief Accounting Officer
                        Craig Perreault
                        , Executive?Vice President, Business Development
                        Todd Greene
                        , Executive Vice President, Business Affairs &?General Counsel
                        Debashish Ghosh, Managing Director

                        Jenny Connelly, Senior?Vice President, Product
                        Ken DelAlcazar
                        , Senior?Vice President, Finance
                        Tom Finn
                        ,Senior?Vice President, Operations
                        Nelson Anderson
                        , Vice President, Creative
                        Joni Antonacci, Vice President, Production Operations
                        Rebecca Bienstock, Vice President, Talent Relations
                        Stephen Blackwell,Head of Portfolio Sales
                        Gerard Brancato
                        , Vice President, PMC Digital Acquisition
                        Ann Doyle, Vice President, Human Resources
                        Mara Ginsberg, Vice President, Human Resources
                        Young Ko
                        , Vice President, Finance
                        Gabriel Koen
                        , Vice President,?Technology
                        Kevin LaBonge
                        , Vice President,?Global Partnerships & Licensing
                        Noemi Lazo,
                        Vice President, Customer Experience and Marketing Operations
                        Brian Levine
                        , Vice President,?Revenue Operations
                        Judith R. Margolin
                        , Vice President,?Deputy General Counsel
                        Julie Trinh
                        , Vice President,?Global Tax
                        Lauren Utecht
                        , Vice President, Human Resources & Corporate Communications
                        Christina Yeoh
                        , Vice President, Technical Operations
                        Julie Zhu
                        , Vice President,?Audience Marketing & Subscriptions

                        Nici Catton, Associate Vice President, Product Delivery
                        Gurjeet Chima
                        ,Senior Director, International Markets
                        Eddie Ko
                        , Senior Director, Advertising Operations
                        Andy Limpus
                        , Senior Director, Talent Acquisition
                        Amit Sannad,
                        Senior Director, Development
                        Karl Walter
                        , Senior Director, PMC Content
                        Mike Ye, Senior Director, Strategic Planning & Acquisitions

                        Constance Ejuma, Director, SEO
                        Laura Ongaro
                        , Editorial & Brand Director, International
                        Katie Passatino
                        ,?Director, Business Development
                        Derek Ramsay
                        , Senior Product Manager

                        Founded by Sime Silverman, 1873-1933

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