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                        SPOILER ALERT: This story contains spoilers for the first two episodes of “The Mandalorian,” if wish to be surprised you do, only annoyance will you find. 

                        BB-8 and the Ewoks can step aside with the latest expansion of the “Star Wars” universe with Disney Plus’s “The Mandalorian.” There’s a new addition to the long list of irrevocably cute things that don’t belong in a war-stricken galaxy far, far away: Baby Yoda.

                        At the end of the show’s first episode, the titular Mandalorian, played by Pedro Pascal (“Game of Thrones”), finds what he’s been paid to hunt down: a wrinkly, stuffed animal-sized creature that resembles Luke Skywalker’s all-knowing Jedi master.  The rest is “Star Wars” history. The second episode treated the world to a baby/Mandalorian road adventure where the two tackled the star-burnt horizons of unknown worlds and wild beasts.

                        Because of the timeline — “The Mandalorian” picks up five years after “Return of the Jedi” where official Yoda is around 900-years-old whereas Baby Yoda is said to be 50-years-old — it’s unlikely that Baby Yoda is the Jedi master.

                        Still, Twitter has erupted in a flurry of memes about the tiny wrinkled Yoda-esque creature with big ears and giant eyes. Even Werner Herzog told Variety the surprise character was “heartbreakingly beautiful” at the show’s fan premiere in Los Angeles last Friday.

                        Here’s the best of Baby Yoda:

                        The look 

                        The cup


                        The reality 

                        The pain

                        The Yoda collection

                        The crossover

                        The reminder that Baby Yoda is still, technically, a baby

                        The second crossover

                        An important clarification

                        The unification the fandom needed

                        Gen Z Baby Yoda

                        There are six episodes left in “The Mandalorian” and we wouldn’t be surprised if Baby Yoda is along for the ride. And please feel free to share your favorite Baby Yodas with the rest of the class.

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